Why You Should Move to the Greater Sacramento Area

Dated: August 21 2020

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The Bay and Los Angeles are so expensive, yet they seem to get more and more crowded every day. You’re working from home anyway, and you’re planning on holding on to that when it’s safe to go back to the office because it sure beats an hour and a half drive. But you love being so close to the ocean and the fact that your car doesn’t get stuck in a pile of snow every January.

What’s a Californian to do?

Consider moving to the Greater Sacramento Area!

The homes in the Sacramento area are larger and cheaper than any other metropolitan area in California, but you won’t lose out on the culture and history available elsewhere in the state. Sacramento has a storied history, an array of natural beauty, and a rich agricultural community that makes it the Farm-to-Fork capital.

It has a lower cost of living than any other metropolitan area in California (17% higher than the national average, compared to Los Angeles at 43% and San Francisco at 80%, according to PayScale.com). However, because the area is growing and becoming more popular, the value of homes is increasing, so should you choose to sell in the future, you’ll get a great return on investment. With new people taking notice of this area, building companies have started new constructions, from 1 bedroom condos to 5 bedroom houses, all for a considerably lower cost than you would pay in the Bay Area- without sacrificing on amenities.

Emerald Bay, Tahoe CA by BShamblen

In the Sacramento area, you will never be far from nature; from the American River and Folsom Lake, to the mountains to the east, the area offers an abundance of great parks, boating, swimming, and hiking. It’s just 2 hours from Downtown Sacramento to Lake Tahoe, an iconic Alpine lake that boasts crystal waters and gorgeous mountain views.

When you’re feeling homesick for San Francisco, you’re only a 2 hour drive from the city for a weekend getaway. Monterey, Napa Valley, Tahoe, and a variety of other gorgeous getaways are just a short drive away.

Folsom Lake is a gorgeous place to spend a day with family, accessible from the east or the west, with the places ideal for swimming, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and boating. The area around the Folsom Lake is fantastic for families, with lots of established parks, good schools, and a variety of summer programs available.

Thinking about it? Want to learn more about what the market looks like in the area?

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